Eaton Protection Station 650 (61062)

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Topology     High frequency UPS with surge protection
Configuration     Desktop mini tower
Typical Application     1 multimedia computer + peripherals
Part Number     61062
Color     Black
Rating (VA/Watts)     650/400
EcoControl     Save up to 30% energy* (efficient electrical design and automatic deactivation of idle peripherals)
Dimensions (H x W x D, mm)     185 x 327 x 149
Weight (kg)     3.8
Warranty     2 years guarantee, Standard product exchange, including the battery ; warranty for the connected computing equipment for an unlimited amount (EU countries)

Electrical Input
Connection     DIN DIN
Input Voltage Range     Up to 160 V - 284 V (adjustable)
Protection     Resettable circuit breaker
Installation     Requires earth connection

Electrical Output
Output power capacity (backup outlets)     650 VA - 400 W
Output power capacity (all outlets)     10 A - 2300 VA
Voltages     230 V
Output Receptacles     DIN(4) DIN, DIN(4) DIN surge only
PowerLine compatibility     1 PLC-ready outlet
Output Frequency     50 / 60 Hz auto-selection
Performance on 8/20 Wave     Uoc = 6 kV
Up = 1.7 kV
In = 2.8 kA
I max = 8 kA

Battery operation     Cold-start capable (mobile power source), battery charging even in OFF position
Battery Monitoring     Automatic battery test, battery replacement indicator, protection against deep discharges (4-hour limit)
Battery Type     Replaceable sealed lead-acid batteries
Backup times with typical application     30 min

User Interface     Operation with mains/battery power, surge suppressor status, overload, battery replacement, fault, audible alarms
Communication Ports     USB Port
Power Management Software     Personal Solution-Pac software on CD, compatible with Windows Vista/XP/Mac/Linux (power management, Automatic system shutdown, Alarm notification, Events log)

Environmental & Standards
Surge Protection     Complete common and differential mode protection - 3 MOV – Total power: 525 Joules, compatible with IEC 61643-1 standard
Standards and Compliance     IEC 62040-1-1, IEC 62040-2, IEC 61643-1, Marquage CE
Quality and Environment     ISO 9001, ISO14001
Data Line Protection     Protection for telephone/fax/modem/Internet ADSL line + Ethernet network

Manufacturer link Продукт известен още и като Protection Station 650 61062, ProtectionStation65061062, Protection Station 650 ( 61062)
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