AEG Protect Travel 1 Plug + 2 USB (6000007747)

Protection for travelling with additional USB charger

3 surge protected sockets
2 USB chargers for cell phones or MP3 players
indicator shows active surge protection
compact dimensions for travelling
90 degrees rotating mains input cord

Surges can be caused, for example, by lightning striking your premises. Lightning induces voltage surges in conductors and cables that can damage any connected equipment. Also switching in households, for example with luroescent lamps and conventional ballast, can cause surges in the buildings wiring system. Effective protection provides AEG‘s surge protector series.

The PROTECT Travel. provides surge protection in the smallest of spaces. This makes it ideal for travelling or for applications in confined spaces. Ofter, the power quality in the country of travel is not sufficiently guaranteed. Be on the safe side and protect your laptop, cell phone or digital camera against overvoltage while on the move. With the additional USB charger unit, you save on extra chargers.

Category III / D / T3 acc. to IEC 61643-1 PROTECT Travel.
Nominal input voltage 230 Vac, 50 / 60 Hz
Mains input 90° degree rotatable, angled safety plug
Load outlets 1 x safety socket, 2 EU sockets
Safety standard KEMA-KEUR, KEMA GS
Protection technology triple conductor L-N / L-PE / N-PE
Surge protection up to 36.000 A
Dimensions approx. (B x H x D) 96 mm x 79 mm x 53 mm
Weight approx. 0,7 kg Продукт известен още и като Protect Travel 1 Plug 2 USB 6000007747, ProtectTravel1Plug2USB6000007747, Protect Travel 1 Plug + 2 USB ( 6000007747)
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